Effective October 1, 2008 • U.S. Currency
All Rates and Fees are subject to change without prior notice


Professional Services, On Site, per hour
  8AM to 7PM $ 128.00
  7PM to 8AM 192.00
  Holidays 256.00
Professional Services, On Site, day rate, eight hour day, three days minimum
  8AM to 7PM 800.00
  7PM to 8AM 1,200.00
  Holidays 1,600.00
Professional Services, In Office, per hour
  8AM to 7PM 96.00
  7PM to 8AM 144.00
  Holidays 192.00
Telephone Consultation, flat rate
  During regular office hours only 240.00
Internet Web Services
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  Web Design and Maintenance, per hour, minimum ten hours 60.00
  Domain Registration, two years 20.00
Security Reviews and Audits
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Customized Training Programs
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Other Fees
  Travel Day, plus airfare and/or mileage 400.00
  Mileage Charge for Automobile Travel, per mile .70
  Air Freight Airport Pickup or Drop Off 40.00
  Shipping and handling, plus freight charges 20.00

Professional Management Services, Inc
Post Office Box 8599
Greenville, South Carolina 29604-8599

Phone: 864-325-7240
Fax: 413-683-7431

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