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Pristine Product Manuals:

All of Pristine’s current software manuals are available here in convenient Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Click the manual below that you are interested in, then read or print it using the Acrobat Reader. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it for free by clicking the icon below. To save a .pdf file to your local computer, right click on the .pdf file that you want to save and choose either “Save Target As…” or “Save Link As…” and then enter the path to save the file.

Pristine RapidFire Manual 292,275 bytes
Pristine RF Edit Manual 115,359 bytes
Pristine RapidFire Drop Box Editor Manual 68,237 bytes
Pristine Music Plus Manual 441,638 bytes
Pristine Audio Commander Manual 69,768 bytes
Pristine VoiceTraxx Manual 68,269 bytes
Pristine TimeWarp Manual 35,685 bytes
Pristine Transfer Plus Manual 81,840 bytes
Manual for Antex SX-7, SX-9, SX-20, and SX-23e, as well as SX-11, SX-12a, SX-22, and SX-26 Audio Cards 251,122 bytes
Manual for Antex SX-36 and SX-34, as well as SX-5e, and SX-6 Audio Cards (Updated 9/17/1999 Revision E) 243,636 bytes
Pristine MMCS Manual 12/97 (Discontinued Product – This is not a .PDF file) 50,737 bytes

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