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With the October 1995 Pristine MMCS software update, two new “fade codes” have been added to Pristine MMCS:
H – Hard Disk Audio (HDA) actual length determined by audio file
V – Volume Auto-Fade which uses the database scheduled length
To help you better understand Fade Codes in Pristine MMCS, here are some important terms:
Intro Time = Intro Time in seconds for the item
Total Time = Total “Run Time” in minutes and seconds
Fade Time = number of seconds from end of item to start playing the next play list event
Fade Code = optional item to control fades and segues

0 P HDA, CD, DAT, Relays Pause after finishing this play list event with no overlap.
3 {Blank} HDA, CD, DAT, Relays Start the next play list event 3 seconds before the end of this item.
2 H HDA Use the Actual Length of the Audio File, not the database scheduled length and overlap 2 seconds with the next play list event.
0 I HDA, CD, DAT, Relays Set the fade time of this item equal to the intro time of the item that immediately follows it. This is very useful for the voicetrack or liner “talk-up” of an upcoming music set. Note: The Fade Time of the item must be zero. The total run time is determined by the database scheduled length.
0 A HDA Same as Fade Code H in that the total run time will be adjusted to the the actual length of the audio file ignoring the database scheduled length. The only difference is that the 0A Fade Code with act the same as the 0I Radio Code and use the Intro Length of the next play list item for the Fade Time, but unlike the 0I Fade Code, the 0A will adjust to the actual length of the audio file.
4 V HDA, CD, DAT Start the volume automatic fade of this item and the next play list event 4 seconds before the end of this item. The V Fade Code causes the HDA, CD, or DAT faders to automatically fade the audio using the database scheduled length.
4 F HDA, CD, DAT Same as the above “V” fade code. For HDA items it will act the same as the above “V” fade code, except it will use the actual length of the hard disk audio file and ignore the database scheduled length.
HDA = Hard Disk Audio
CD = Compact Disk
DAT = Digital Audio Tape
Relay = External Relay Control Item

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