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Pristine MMCS Filler Files are a great way to protect against having dead air whenever a hard disk item is scheduled, but is not on the Playback Computer. Filler Files can be undated promos, PSA’s, or simply a station liner.

The key to getting Filler Files to work properly is the naming of the hard disk audio files. The actual playing of the Filler Files is done automatically by Pristine MMCS. For example, a 60-second commercial is scheduled to play but is not on the hard disk. After looking for the scheduled commercial and not finding it, Pristine MMCS will automatically play FILL0060.SPC.

Here’s a tip, the real length of the Filler File should be approximately the length of the scheduled file. Pristine’s automatic status checking will adjust the start of the next item in the Play List. For example, a FILL0060.SPC file should be any length between 55 and 60 seconds, and Pristine will play it with no dead air going into the next item. The Playback Screen and the Play List History will show that FILL0060.SPC played instead of the scheduled commercial.

It is not necessary to use Filler Files, because Pristine MMCS checks the status of the hard disk audio cards several times every second, and once it senses that no audio is playing, it will automatically jump to the next event. The screen will indicate a Filler File played, even when the system jumps due to status checking. Stations broadcasting a satellite programming format that requires spot breaks to be filled should setup Filler Files, as a precaution in case scheduled audio files are not available.


FILL0005.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 04 and < 10 seconds
FILL0010.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 09 and < 15 seconds
FILL0015.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 14 and < 20 seconds
FILL0020.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 19 and < 25 seconds
FILL0025.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 24 and < 30 seconds
FILL0030.SPC = Hard Disk Item > 29 and < 35 seconds

The Filler File Naming System continues in five second increments through FILL0095.SPC.

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