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Antex SX-35/36 The Antex SX-35/36 audio card does not use standard audio connectors. Connections are made via an external DB-9 connection, female on the card and a male plug to the console, and several 16 pin strip connectors mounted on the card. The balanced input and output connections are made via the DB-9 female connector. Several unbalanced connections, including a direct microphone, are made via the strips.

The external DB9 connection can be wired as balanced or unbalanced. In either case, you will need a DB9 male connector. All wires within the connector should be soldered and/or crimped firmly to minimize noise induction.

This diagram shows the positioning of the various connectors on the card. All of the internal audio connections (JP7, JP8, JP9) are near the back of the card.

  • JP7 is a 16 pin male strip connector for an unbalanced microphone input
  • JP8 is a 16 pin male strip connector for unbalanced LINE IN & OUT
  • JP9 is a 16 pin male strip connector for balanced AUX IN

Here are the wiring specifics for the three strip connections:



Pin 1    Right Line Input +
Pin 3    Right Line Input –
Pin 5    Left Line Input +
Pin 7    Left Line Input –
Pin 9    Right Line Output +
Pin 11    Right Line Output –
Pin 13    Left Line Output +
Pin;15    Left Line Output –
Pins 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16   Ground


Pin 1    Right Aux Input +
Pin 3    Right Aux Input –
Pin 5    Left Aux Input +
Pin 7    Left Aux Input –
Pin 9    No connection
Pin 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16   Ground


Pin1    Microphone input (2.5vdc phantom power)
Pin 2   Ground



The wiring for the DB-9 connector, female on the card and male plug to the console, is shown in this chart.


DB9 Connector Wiring


Pin Assignment
1 Ground
2 Right In –
3 Left In –
4 Right Out –
5 Left Out –
6 Right In +
7 Left In +
8 Right Out +
9 Left Out +


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