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At times it is necessary to purge (delete) or move hard disk audio files from the Pristine subdirectory. One flexible way to accomplish this task is to use the MS-DOS Shell Utility Program, which comes with most versions of MS-DOS Version 5.0 or greater. Simply by learning a few basic keystrokes, you can manipulate and manage your audio files in Pristine.

MS-DOS Shell Screen

This procedure will help explain how to use MS-DOS Shell as it applies to your Pristine System. The steps you are about to learn can be applied to other applications as well.

MS-DOS Shell is composed of four windows, one at the top, right, left,and bottom of the screen. Moving between these windows is done by pressing the TAB key. You can determine which window is active by the highlight (change in colors), usually to blue.

  1. To activate MS-DOS Shell, exit to any DOS prompt. Enter DOSSHELL and press the ENTER key. The computer will scan the active hard drive partition, and then you should see a screen like the one above.
  2. Make sure the top window is active by pressing the TAB key several times until the top window is highlighted. The top window lists the computer’s hard drive partitions from left to right.
  3. Using the ARROW keys, highlight the hard drive partition you want to work on and press the ENTER key.
  4. Press the TAB key one time to make the left window active, which is the Directory Tree.
  5. Using the ARROW keys, move down the Directory Tree to the MUSICMGR subdirectory.
  6. Now press the TAB key one time to move to the right window which lists the files in the subdirectory in alphabetical order.
  7. Once again using the ARROW keys, go down the list of files until you reach the SPnnnn.SPC files.
  8. Hold down the SHIFT key and press the F8 key to turn on the TAG marker. You will know the TAG Marker is turned on by the word ADD in the bottom right side of the screen, left of the time. The TAG marker will place a bold > tagging selected files for deleting, moving, etc. Use the SPACE BAR to tag files, or use the SPACEBAR on a tagged file to untag it. Now, very carefully, tag the SPnnnn.SPC files you want to move or delete.
  9. After double checking to make sure the files are tagged correctly, just press the DELETE key to start purging files. MS-DOS Shell will prompt a confirmation for each file. Answer OK to complete the deletion.
  10.  To move the tagged files, press F7 and enter the correct path for the destination. For example, to move tagged files from C:MUSICMGR to D:MUSICMGR, enter in the prompt D:MUSICMGR (do not add another or *.*) and press ENTER. You will see the files being moved.
  11.  To exit MD-DOS Shell, hold down the ALT key and press F4.

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