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One of the many strengths of Pristine Music Plus is its ability to schedule voicetracks in your Play Lists. Voicetracks provide a way for the station to preproduce music shows with prerecorded disc jockey comments to make the show sound “live”. With a little planning and setup in Pristine Music Plus, you can schedule voicetracks throughout the day or just in certain day parts, depending on your needs.

It is important to plan your voicetrack system prior to setting it up in Pristine Music Plus. It is much easier to work from a plan that is written down on paper, than winging it as you go. First, plan out how many voicetracks you want to schedule each hour. Where are they going in the hour? Are they going in front of or after a spotset? Are they going between songs? What hours do you want to schedule the voicetracks? What hard disk file numbers are you going to assign to your voicetracks?

Next you need to create the members for each voicetrack in Pristine Music Plus. Use a special Category for the voicetracks so you can keep them separate from music. Also, make sure each Title and Artist field in each voicetrack member is unique. Now Music Formats must be created. Pristine Music Plus allows you to specify when to schedule a particular item, so we can actually tell Music Plus when to schedule each voicetrack. Once the Music Formats are created, the Day Formats must be setup to place the Music Formats in the right hour. The Day Formats must be placed in the Week Format. Now you are ready to schedule a Music Log using the sequence scheduling method.

Once you have generated your Play List, print the Play List in the Pristine Music Plus Reports menu. You can print just the Music Log if you are producing your voicetracks ahead of processing your traffic. Your announcers can use the printed Music Log or Play List as a script in the Production Room to prepare their voicetracks. Announcers should sound
spontaneous and creative, as if they were on the air live. One nice thing about recording voicetracks ahead of time is that any mistakes made by the announcer can be easily corrected by re-recording.

Finally, Pristine offers a specific program called Pristine VoiceTraxx. This program allows the announcer to actually bring the Music Log/Play List up on the screen in the Production Room. It saves on paper and speeds up the recording of voicetracks. Pristine VoiceTraxx features Auto-Record and Auto-Trim, and allows recording directly from the Production Computer to the Playback Computer through the network (depending on your system performance and audio format).

For more information on creating voicetracks in Pristine Music Plus, including complete instructions with examples and a file to create four voicetracks per hour seven days a week, contact your Pristine representative.

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