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CONTROL PANEL is the menu program Pristine operators use to launch most of the different Pristine programs and features. You can use Control Panel to launch almost any DOS based program (for example, your word processor on your scheduling computer). CONTROL PANEL also offers a lot of “little extras” like a calendar, calculator, modem phone list, clock, DOS services, and much more.


When you are working on a menu or with one of CONTROL PANEL’S features you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard (or even a mouse) to move within the system point to a menu item and then press enter (or double click with a mouse.)

[ESC] – The Escape Key lets you exit the current function and return to the previous one. If you are at a sub menu you return to the previous one. If you are using the calculator or the calendar, you return to the menu.

[ENTER] – Activates the highlighted item.

[KEY] – Press a Function Key or the alphabetic letter or numeric character displayed within [ ] symbols to choose a function. With a mouse, you can point and double click anywhere on the [key] or key label to activate the item.


It is easy to add a function to your menu. Follow these steps:

  1. From the main Control Panel Menu (or wherever you want to place an item) press F9-Maintenance.
  2. Press F9-Menu Maintenance.
  3. Press F6-Add. (To delete an item press F7-Delete)
  4. Choose P for Program name. See Figure 1. You could also choose to create a batch file (if you know DOS). Choose C for Command List to write a batch file.
  5. Enter your Display Text (what you want the selection to say on your Menu)
  6. Choose a Selection Key (character that when pressed will launch program)
  7. Type a password or press Enter to skip having a password.
  8. (See Figure 2.) Enter the disk letter (usually c:) the directory (for example: MUSICMGR for Pristine programs), type the file name you want to start.
  9. Skip the Options field.



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