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Several users have asked for an easy way to zip audio files to floppy disks for archiving and/or moving files between stations using the same audio cards. We have prepared several routines to handle this task. Download the SPC File Zip Routines and follow these instructions to load these routines to your Production Computer.

  1. Copy the file SPC-ZIP.EXE to a temporary subdirectory on your Production Computer.
  2. The file SPC-ZIP.EXE is a self-extracting file, so enter SPC-ZIP at the temporary subdirectory’s prompt to extract the routines and other files.
  3. Enter SETUPZIP from the temporary directory’s prompt to install the associated routines and menu. The SETUPZIP program will install the SPC FILE ZIP ROUTINES on your Production Computer’s C-Drive. Once this installation program is completed, you will need to add a menu option to your Production Computer’s Pristine Control Panel to run the SPC FILE ZIP ROUTINES.
  4. At your Production Computer’s Main Control Panel Menu, press the F9 key twice to get into the Menu Maintenance section.
  5. Press the F6 ADD key to add the menu option.
  6. Select M MENU.
  7. Enter the desription – SPC File Zip Routines.
  8. Enter an unused Selection Key.
  9. Press the ENTER key to pass by the Password prompt.
  10. Use the four arrow keys to position the menu option on the screen where you want it and press ENTER to ACCEPT MOVE.
  11. Enter SPC-ZIP for the menu name.
  12. Press the ESC key twice to exit the Menu Maintenance section of Pristine System’s Control Panel.

Let us know if you find these routines helpful, or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve them.

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